Seven Anglicans honoured with award of merit

Published May 1, 2001

The Anglican Award of Merit, given annually by Council of General Synod to lay people who have made an outstanding contribution to the church, this year goes to:

Canon Carol Throp, diocese of Rupert’s Land, former chair of the continuing education unit and immediate past co-chair of the Mission Coordination Group.

George Mayo, diocese of Toronto, former member of both the pension committee and trustee to the pension plan.

Vi Smith, diocese of Caledonia, former member of the Women’s Unit, the Council for Native Ministries, the Anglican Council of Indigenous Peoples and the Primate’s Commission on Evangelism.

Sue Mackay-Smith, diocese of Kootenay, member of the Council of General Synod, and former member of the Ten Days for Global Justice coalition and former member of the Primate’s World Relief and Development Fund committee.

Ronald Stevenson, Q.C., diocese of Fredericton, past Chancellor of the ecclesiastical province of Canada, and former member of the national church’s governing council and present Chancellor of General Synod, former advisor to the General Secretary and Assessor.

Cynthia Llewellyn, diocese of New Westminster, former member of the Primate’s Fund committee and the Public Social Responsibility Unit, for twenty years secretary of the Aboriginal Rights Coalition.

David H. Wright, Q.C., diocese of Saskatoon, former chancellor of both General Synod and of the Diocese of Saskatoon, and four times Assessor of General Synod.


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