Remote Sunday school

Published November 1, 2007

On Eagle’s Wings, an ecumenical ministry that serves churches and individuals in the remote and isolated areas of northern Canada, has sought the support of the Anglican church’s Council of the North in promoting its year-round Christian education curriculum.

Last summer, On Eagle’s Wings organized summer Bible schools where northerners taught and assisted alongside southern volunteer teachers in their communities. The group has also created pilot programs for an Advent Sunday school and a Lent Sunday school.

“This project is primarily a tool for northerners to teach within their own communities and churches,” Ann Zimmerman, assistant executive director of On Eagle’s Wings, said in a letter to council members. “Perhaps you will envision the possibility of such a curriculum being useful to rural and/or small congregations teaching Christian education to a multi-age group of children.” (The council is a grouping of financially-assisted dioceses, mostly in northern Canada.)

On Eagle’s Wings is officially recognized by several Anglican, Lutheran, Moravian and Roman Catholic church bodies in Canada and the United States.


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