Primate’s Fund director announces his departure

Published October 1, 2004

Andrew Ignatieff has announced that he is leaving in December after five years as executive director of the Primate’s World Relief and Development Fund (PWRDF).

In an interview, Mr. Ignatieff said he that he went through “a period of discernment” upon his birthday in June, which was also around the time of the death of Archbishop Edward (Ted) Scott. “I was asked to sit vigil (at the wake for Archbishop Scott) and I started thinking of his (Scott’s) life and the example he had; that he had the courage to speak out,” he said. Mr. Ignatieff said that “with so many challenges in the world like HIV-AIDS” he realized that he wanted to do more.

He views his decision to leave as positive. “I’ve provided guidance to this organization…I’m going through the door with held high and heart filled with joy.”

He urged the church “to find its prophetic voice for Canadian Anglicans and Canadian society as a whole.”

A former program manager with UNICEF Canada, Mr. Ignatieff steered PWRDF, the national church’s relief and development arm, through incorporation and a difficult transition that saw a drop in donations from Canadian Anglicans who were also contributing to other needs, including the residential schools settlement fund. It has also been a period of turmoil that has seen the church divided over the issue of sexuality, sometimes some have said, at the expense of other issues like social justice.

“Through the process of incorporation, profound changes within the organization, significant turnover in staff, changing relations with the wider Anglican community, our development partners and our ecumenical partners, PWRDF has remained true to its vision as the international development ministry of the Anglican Church of Canada,” wrote Mr. Ignatieff in a message to national church staff.


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