Prayer in a falling economy

Published February 1, 2009

God of life,
a confounding shadow comes with economic turmoil and cutbacks.
When livelihood is lost we are undone and our senses are confused.

Creating God, who made all sentient beings,
open our eyes to see clearly, with kindness and compassion, all creatures and creation.
Open our ears to hear good news of your Presence in the journey to emotional and financial recovery.
Open our hands to touch friend and stranger with generous hospitality and practical support.

God with us, who poured yourself out into life on earth,
help us let go of what has been.
Help us to sense the rippling rhythms of mercy and justice latticing the effects of a falling economy.
Let your gifts flow freely among us, especially the gifts of gentleness, humour
and vision for creation.

Spirited God, who birthed all that is into life,
we know that what we have, we receive from you.
Breathe us away from the bitterness of believing we live on our own, that we need neither you nor our neighbours.
Breathe into us what will be born new among us.
Take our breath away as your kingdom comes on earth,
and knit us together with sustaining hope.

Adele Finney, active in the international work of the Anglican Church of Canada since 1982, is a spiritual director, playwright and freelance writer. She edits Praying with our partners.


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