Published September 1, 1999

Timothy Maxwell Bailey Parker, first director of the Anglican Book Centre, has died. He was 94.

Mr. Parker studied at the University of Western Ontario and earned his L.Th. at Huron College in 1929. He was ordained soon after. In 1934, he married Helen McNichol Smith and they began their service at Morpeth, Trinity Howard and Clearville in Kent County. Morpeth was a fishing port, and the whole village turned out to hear his sermon, Why Jesus Chose Fishermen.

Mr. Parker later took his MA in religious education in New York. He was coaxed back to Huron to lecture part time and was appointed full-time registrar and bursar in 1946.

The family moved to Toronto in 1954 when he was asked by General Synod to be the first director of the Anglican Book Centre. Mr. Parker travelled North America and Europe, establishing contacts with suppliers of music and literature. He also forged joint publishing ventures with the United Church.

Mr. Parker did a series of conversational tapes with Healey Willan on his creative experiences with church music. Copies are in the music division of the National Library of Canada. Mr. Parker received a Doctor of Divinity from Huron College in 1960.

In 1967, the Parkers returned to the Diocese of Huron to complete their formal ministry.


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