Published April 1, 1999

V.S. Carrington (Tony) Tyndale, chancellor of Tyndale College and Seminary, died on Aug. 24 from cancer, age 73.

Dr. Tyndale was appointed college chancellor last year just as the Ontario Bible College was renamed after William Tyndale, the 16th century pioneer of the English Bible. Dr. Tyndale was a 13th generation descendant of William’s older brother, Edward.

Dr. Tyndale was born in London and did graduate studies at Oxford and Cambridge and post-graduate work at the University of Toronto.

He was the Canadian national director of the South American Missionary Society for a number of years. SAMS is an Anglican, evangelical organization which trains people in their own country and helps them develop into leaders. He taught courses at Wycliffe College. Dr. Tyndale also spent time in Africa ministering at several theological colleges. While in Africa in 1996, he discovered he had cancer in his left eye. The eye was later removed and he was fitted with an artificial one.

Dr. Tyndale leaves his wife, Penelope, four children and five grandchildren.


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