New ACW president

Published March 1, 2008

Marion Saunders, a member of the parish of Newcastle in the diocese of Toronto, has been elected president of the Anglican Church Women (ACW) of Canada, a fellowship of women whose aim is for members “to practise prayer, work and stewardship in their daily lives.”

Ms. Saunders will hold the position for two years.

The ACW “is a ministry of presence, for people asking, ‘Who can I call and ask about this?’ or ‘How can we do this together?'” Ms. Saunders told The Anglican, the newspaper of the diocese of Toronto. “My sincere prayer is that the whole church – women as well as the body of the church – can understand that ACW is not a fundraising organization. The fundraising is often the catalyst that brings the women together to work together and to witness together in what they are doing. But the ACW’s purpose is far greater. It’s about worship and learning and serving.”


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