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Published May 1, 2012

1. From what country did Ruth follow Naomi to start their new life together in Naomi’s hometown?
2. What was Naomi’s hometown?
3. Who, because he was called by God, went out by faith not knowing where he was going?
4. Whom did Jesus call from being a tax collector to being his disciple?
5. In order to get Peter ready to go to a Gentile, God sent him a vision of a sheet full of unclean animals. How many times did God send Peter this vision?

Conover Swofford is the author of three Bible trivia books, Bible Trivia Challenge, So You Think You Know The Bible? and Can You Outsmart A Sunday Schooler? (Barbour Publishing). She lives in western Georgia.

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Answers: 1. Moab (Ruth 1:2) 2. Bethlehem (Ruth 1:19) 3. Abraham (Heb 11:8) 4. Matthew (Mt 9:9) 5. Acts 10:16


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