Honorary Degrees

Published June 1, 2008

The spring convocations of several theological colleges and universities across Canada honoured the following Anglicans and other individuals with honorary doctor of divinity degrees:

University of Emmanuel College, Saskatoon
Benjamin Arreak, suffragan (assistant) bishop of Nunavik, diocese of the Arctic, for having spent “most of his career working with the marginalized” and for his “major cultural and scholarly contribution to the life of the Canadian church.”

Canon John Hubbard Retger, for his “exemplary career in the Anglican Communion for over 48 years.”

Wycliffe College, Toronto
Linda Nicholls, suffragan bishop of Trent-Durham in the diocese of Toronto, for bringing “a deep theological and spiritual sensitivity to her ministry both locally and nationally.”

Montreal Diocesan Theological College, Montreal
Archdeacon Peter D. Hannen, for his “many years of exemplary service to the diocese of Montreal and to the wider church as parish priest, diocesan admin-istrator, scholar, liturgist, and teacher.” Rev. Patricia Kirkpatrick, associate professor of Hebrew Bible in the faculty of religious studies at McGill University, for her “contributions over more than two decades to the program of theological education” and for her contributions as a biblical scholar to the diocese of Montreal, the Anglican Church of Canada, and the Anglican Communion.

University of King’s College, Halifax
Suzie LeBlanc, an Anglican and Acadian-born soprano, for her numerous contributions to Maritime culture.

Laish Boyd, co-adjutor bishop of the Anglican diocese of Nassau, the Bahamas and the Turks and Caicos Islands, for having demonstrated “a level of diplomacy and conscientiousness that exemplified his great promise for future leadership in the church” during his time as a student at the University of King’s College and at the University of the West Indies.

George Cooper, lawyer, former member of Parliament and a member of the Order of Canada for his contribution to King’s College as chair of its fundraising drive and past chair of its board of governors.


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