Group drops name

Published March 1, 2006

A group of dissident churches has ceased using the name “Anglican Communion in Canada” in compliance with an order from Corporations Canada to change its corporate name following a petition filed by the Anglican Church of Canada. The group announced in January that it has officially renamed itself as the “Anglican Coalition in Canada” (ACiC). The group, which includes seven churches formerly affiliated with the diocese of New Westminster and three in Saskatchewan, maintains that it is under the authority of Archbishop Emmanuel Kolini of Rwanda. ACiC was formed in July 2002, a month after the Vancouver-based diocese of New Westminster voted to allow same-sex blessings in the diocese. In January 2005, the Anglican Church of Canada had asked Corporations Canada, a federal agency that regulates corporate names, to stop the group from using “Anglican Communion in Canada,” citing that the established church is the sole representative of the Anglican Communion in the country.


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