Got ideas on what the church should be doing? Now you can have your say

Members of the church are invited to complete a brief online survey on, among other things, what they believe the national church’s mission should be.
Published May 25, 2020
Editor’s note: This story was written in March 2020 and published in the May 2020 issue of the Anglican Journal. It does not integrate several updates that have occurred since—please look for an updated story in the near future.

Members of the Anglican Church of Canada who would like to help shape the church’s next strategic plan can now submit their views online, Council of General Synod (CoGS) heard Friday, March 13.

The Rev. Monique Stone, a member of the team planning the strategy to replace Vision 2019, which has guided the church since 2010, told CoGS that a website for the next strategic plan had been created. Members of the church, she said, are invited to visit the website, and, if they wish, complete a brief online survey. The survey asks, among other things, what respondents believe the national church’s mission should be; how it and Indigenous ministry can “add capacity” to their diocese or parish; and what their hope is for the strategic plan.

The website, which includes general information about the strategic planning process, can be reached at: To access the survey, users click the “Listening to You” link partway down the page, then click “Complete our online survey;” or go directly to: Church members are also welcome to submit their views to the planning team directly by email, at [email protected].

The working group, Stone said, had also begun a review of Vision 2019, asking for feedback from Archbishop Fred Hiltz, retired primate of the Anglican Church of Canada; Peter Elliott, retired dean of Christ Church Cathedral in the diocese of New Westminster and chair of the Vision 2019 task force, and other church leaders. The plan is to be presented to General Synod when it next meets in the summer of 2022, to serve as the church’s strategic plan for the following two triennia or three-year periods, until 2028.


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