Germond seen as possible acting primate

Archbishop Anne Germond says she is willing to fill in as primate until the next election in 2025. Photo: George Cribbs
Published April 4, 2024

Archbishop Anne Germond, bishop of the diocese of Algoma and metropolitan of the ecclesiastical province of Ontario, will serve as acting primate if current primate Archbishop Linda Nicholls retires by September, reads a statement from Canon (lay) Ian Alexander, prolocutor of General Synod and Archdeacon Tanya Phibbs, deputy prolocutor, released April 2.

Church rules require primates to retire by their 70th birthday—next October for Nicholls. If the primate’s term ends before an election can be held at the next General Synod, the senior metropolitan by election, if “able and willing to act,” fills in as acting primate. Citing a March 22 letter to Germond from General Synod Chancellor Clare Burns, Alexander and Phibbs say Germond is currently senior metropolitan by election, at least until a metropolitical election slated for the ecclesiastical province of Ontario this September. “Should Archbishop Linda announce a retirement date that is effective before a metropolitical election is held in the province of Ontario, Archbishop Anne would become the acting primate—assuming she is willing and able to act,” their statement reads.

Germond confirmed by text message to the Journal that she would accept the position if it came to her. “If I am able to serve as acting primate I am willing to serve—God being my helper (and lots of support from the church!).” A primatial election is expected at the next General Synod in 2025.

This story was updated on April 5, 2024


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