Frank Peake

Published April 1, 2008

Rev. Frank Peake, who authored books on church history, died on Feb. 13, in his 95th year. One of his best-known books, The Bishop Who Ate His Boots, was the 1966 biography of Isaac O. Stringer, an Anglican bishop who worked in the western Arctic.

A former faculty member of Laurentian University’s history department, Mr. Peake also served as president and provost of Thorneloe University’s School of Theology, Sudbury, Ont., from 1970 to 1973. “These were adolescent years for the university and it is on account of Dr. Peake’s constant prodding of the board, coupled with his understanding of the academic enterprise that Thorneloe survived a period of growing enrolments and declining financial resources,” said Rev. Stephen Andrews, current president and provost of Thorneloe University.

Mr. Peake served on Thorneloe’s board of governors until his death.

Ordained in 1942, Mr. Peake served as assistant priest at the Church of the Epiphany, Sudbury. He was also the first archivist of the provincial synod of British Columbia, “which made him a leading authority on the church’s mission,” said Mr. Andrews.


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