Anglican Journal delivers … daily

Published July 3, 2007

For the first time, the Anglican Journal, the monthly national newspaper of the Anglican Church of Canada, produced a daily newspaper for the entirety of the meeting of General Synod.

The eight-page Anglican Journal Daily newspaper was put together by staff in Winnipeg and Toronto, printed in Winnipeg and delivered daily, from June 20 through June 26, to the doors of Synod members and visitors at their hotels. Readers were also able to download and print it from the Journal Web site,, which also carried other news stories and features throughout the meeting.

The daily newspaper was made possible by the donations of several dioceses, parishes and individuals across the country. Editor Leanne Larmondin said the project was conceived as a service to Synod members. “Synod days are so long and members, especially new ones, can find it overwhelming and disorienting,” said Ms. Larmondin. “We wanted to help readers become grounded and show them in our coverage what they had done.” Many members said they would bring home the whole collection of newspapers to show their parishes and dioceses what General Synod was all about.

The Anglican Journal Daily was produced by Journal staff writers Marites N. Sison and Solange De Santis, art director Saskia Rowley and editor Leanne Larmondin, with the help of Art Babych, editor of Crosstalk (the newspaper of the diocese of Ottawa) and Mel Malton, whose cartoons are featured monthly on the Journal’s letters pages.


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