Donations to Journal Appeal drop

Published September 1, 2010

Anglican Journal readers will find the annual Anglican Journal Appeal inserted into this issue of the newspaper. Funds from the Appeal are shared 50-50 between the Journal and the 22 diocesan newspapers that it carries. Also see Appeal update, p. 8.Last year, donations to the Anglican Journal appeal dropped by 10 per cent, falling from $559,000 in 2008 to $506,000 in 2009. There was a similar drop in the number of individual donations from 13,984 in 2008 to 12,318 in 2009. “The drop is an indication of the current economic climate,” said Larry Gee, business manager for the Journal. This decrease in donations, similar for most dioceses, has meant that the Journal’s coverage in 2010 has been cut from 16 pages to 12. This is considered the smallest size for the newspaper to remain viable. Since the Journal carries 22 diocesan newspapers each month, any change to the national newspaper’s status will directly affect the entire communications network. “The Journal and the diocesan papers are a galvanizing force for communications across the country,” said Michelle Hauser, a consultant with the department of philanthropy, who helped craft this year’s Anglican Journal Appeal.


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