Canada news briefs: Ecclesiastical Province of Ontario

Published December 1, 1999

Aurora Centre to be bulldozed

The Aurora Conference Centre, located north of the town of Aurora, is going to be demolished. The centre has been a meeting place for hundreds of parish and diocesan groups for the past 40 years. The plan is to tear the recently closed centre down as soon as possible. The executive committee of the Diocese of Toronto made the decision after they found out the building is in great disrepair and a safety hazard. The cost of making the site safe would be about $125,000 more than the committee was willing to spend on fixing up the building. Attendance at the Aurora Conference Centre has been going down steadily. Members of the committee didn’t think it was worth putting more money into the facility when so few people were using it. Rev. Paul Feheley, chair of the diocese’s planning and development board said “When you look at it from a financial or stewardship point of view, the best decision was to tear it down.” The land where the building is located is worth $5-million. Toronto Anglican

Fundraiser in Niagara aims high

The Diocese of Niagara has given a name and a minimum goal to its financial campaign. It will be called Survive and Thrive, aimed at raising $8-million. Rev. David Ponting, recently appointed director of financial development and stewardship, said parish ministry will be the sole focus for funds raised by the campaign. “Our diocesan family faces challenges that we cannot afford to ignore,” said Mr. Ponting in a report to the synod council. He said in order to thrive in the next century, “we need resources and knowledge so that our parishes can deliver vital ministry. We need to be equipped ? equipped to answer the serious and varied challenges confronting our communities.” About 40 per cent of the money raised will also be used as endowment for future ministry, while the rest will be used over the next five years. Niagara Anglican


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