Wilfred Langmaid



Singer’s work ready for mass consumption

SOMETIMES, ONE almost gets the impression that the music of New Brunswick singer/songwriter Brent Mason is just a bit too good for mass consumption. There

Soundtrack CDs cross roads

DURING THE 1990s, the motion picture soundtrack has evolved to become a major market force. There are countless examples of high-powered star and single filled

Nelson finds gold in what’s old

One of the most common storylines for a song is the shattered loverelationship, and this tendency is even more prevalent in country music. Fewdo it

Eclectic sound includes toys

SINCE 1974, American musician Chip Davis has released an eclectic blend of instrumental music on his American Gramaphone label. The front act for this label

Merchant a melancholy spirit

WHEN SHE WAS the lyricist, vocalist and focal point of 10,000 Maniacs, Natalie Merchant was known for topical lyrics and social awareness. With her second

Still grooving after second album

IN 1996, the Minneapolis-based trio Semisonic served notice that they had a future in pop music with their debut album Great Divide. Among the attention

Rock album a triumph

NO FINER MUSIC of clear, honest spiritual reflection came out in the 1980s than that of The Waterboys. Their songwriter, frontman, and focal point was

Group Yes muses musically on life

THE MUSICAL GROUP, YES, was one of the standard bearers of the ’70s genre of musical excess known as progressive rock. Neo-classical song structures and

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