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    Sean Frankling’s experience includes newspaper reporting as well as writing for video and podcast media. He’s been chasing stories since his first co-op for Toronto’s Gleaner Community Press at age 19. He studied journalism at Carleton University and has written for the Toronto Star, WatchMojo and other outlets.


‘God, for sure, held me very tightly in His arms’

Alla Gedz, a member of Christ Church, Kyiv, part of the Church of England’s Diocese in Europe tells her story of living through the Battle of Kyiv, from sheltering in her basement while artillery shook the neighbourhood to facing death threats at a checkpoint.

Budget surpluses over 2 years top $8M

The Anglican Church of Canada’s national office recorded two consecutive multi-million-dollar yearly surpluses in 2020 and 2021, for a combined total of just over $8 million,

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Off on the wrong track?

In a footnote to their open letter posted this February, #ACCtoo organizers Michael Buttrey and Carolyn Mackie blame the Anglican Journal governance policy General Synod adopted in 2019 for enabling the alleged breach of confidentiality and privacy for which the letter calls the church to account.

‘What happened … was gravely wrong.’

The Council of General Synod (CoGS) has committed itself to improving the church’s practices in a range of areas including sexual abuse and journalistic governance

CoGS to discuss #ACCtoo letter

The Council of General Synod (CoGS) is slated to discuss this week an open letter claiming senior church officials failed to protect the identities of

General Synod postponed until at least 2023

Editor’s note: An earlier version of this story appeared on Feb. 17.  General Synod will not be meeting this summer.  At a meeting Feb.

Anglican Church of Canada launches new online home for news

The Anglican Church of Canada has launched an online news platform allowing readers to access the websites of the Anglican Journal and diocesan newspapers from a single location, while also making it easy for the newspapers themselves to share each other’s articles.

Liturgist Paul Gibson transformed worship as leading force behind BAS

Gibson was a professor at Trinity College, a recipient of the Cross of St. Augustine—an award from the Archbishop of Canterbury for outstanding service to the worldwide communion—and a liturgist for the Anglican Church of Canada, best known for his work on the Book of Alternative Services (BAS). He died on Jan. 14 after a prolonged illness with Parkinson’s disease.

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