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  • Richard LeSueur

    Canon Richard LeSueur was formerly interim dean of and a lecturer at St. George’s College in Jerusalem. He is currently the producer and principal host of The Fifth Gospel: Sacred Story, Sacred Land, an online video series in production.


The other Easter

On the first Easter morning no one was singing Alleluia. Not for hours. The atmosphere in the room where Jesus’ disciples and others were huddled

Preparing to meet the ‘final wave’: grief

Seven months after the attacks on the United States that reduced the twin towers of the World Trade Center to a smouldering mass of rubble, I flew into New York. It was the week before Holy Week of 2002.

On the Plain of Waiting

Beneath the towering umber faces of Mount Sinai lies a broad, empty valley called the Plain of Waiting. Bounded by peaks that rise sharply out

Unlike a tour, a pilgrimage immerses participants in a sacred geography. Photo: Richard Le Sueur

Tourist or pilgrim: it’s up to you

I used to live in Jerusalem. I lived there with my wife and our children in in the 1990s when I served with St. George’s College as the director of their Desert Program.

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