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    The Very Rev. Peter Elliott is adjunct faculty at Vancouver School of Theology. From 1994 to 2019 he served as dean of Christ Church Cathedral, Vancouver.

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Violin brings mystery and misfortune

The scene is an up-scale auction house in Montreal; the timeis the present. The auctioneer (Colm Feore) has come to the final item available: “Hereshe

Same planet, different worlds apt theme

SAME PLANET, Different Worlds was the theme of the 1998 Vancouver International Film Festival. With more than 300 films from 40 countries, it was an

Irving novel lost in movie translation

IN A WORLD where few things are certain, here’s one sure bet: if you read and loved John Irving’s A Prayer for Owen Meany, you’ll

Sad stories of preachers, politicians

ALTHOUGH IN THE visible Church the evil be ever mingled with the good, and sometimes the evil have chief authority in the Ministrations of the

Quirky, offbeat film will delight

MAYBE IT’S JUST by chance that the paper has opened to this page and you are reading this review. Maybe you prayed that if God

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