Nissa Basbaum



The care of body and soul

Reflecting my penchant for all things edible, I have several food magazine subscriptions and, just like Anglican church newsletters and newspapers, these magazines are seasonal or,

No splash

“If you get the chance, we’d humbly request that our ‘worship hoedown’ be mentioned from stage, or added into your service announcement slides. Or, if

How does size matter?

From 1979 to 1980, I lived and served as a lay pastor in a small village church in England. During that time, I co-authored a

Pursuing the Garden of Eden

My children grew up when the phrase “hothouse babies” was popularized. The term described the offspring of parents who enrolled their kids in every available

Photo: Michaelangeloop/Shutterstock 

Yanked out of reverie

I have a bad habit; actually, I have a number of bad habits, but I prefer to reveal them one at a time.

When will I ever learn?

When I was a student in search of a summer job, I was driven by a fellow student one spring from Ontario to Alberta, where I found employment in Calgary.

Why do priests and police officers often have the same effect on people? Photo: Joseph Sohm/Shutterstock

A look in the mirror

There are times when we each bump up against our own rules in very telling ways. Recently this happened to me while I drove from my home to the cathedral, a trip that takes me over the bridge between West Kelowna and Kelowna.

The atheist bus advertisement, which rolled out in Canada in 2009, was based on a similar campaign in the U.K. Photo: Jon Worth

21st-century church hospitality at its best

I have recently been introduced to the Sunday Assembly, or as their members like to call themselves, “the godless church.” One of their more quotable quotes is: “We need the benefits that church provides without the god element.”

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