Lyds Keesmaat-Walsh


  • Lyds Keesmaat-Walsh

    Lyds Keesmaat-Walsh is a queer and trans young Anglican from Toronto with a passion for social justice and the church. They are a member of the Council of General Synod, the Faith, Worship and Ministry coordinating committee, and the diocese of Toronto’s diocesan council.


Lyds Keesmaat-Walsh (right) prepares the Eucharist with the Rev. Molly Finlay during the Pride service at Church on Tap, a monthly event at Christ Church Deer Park in Toronto. Photo: Michael Hudson

One of the lucky ones

I’m one of the lucky ones. Most queer Christians’ stories are stories of rejection, stories of trauma, stories of being told they’re not welcome in the churches they call home. But that was never my story. I’m one of the lucky ones.

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