Archbishop Linda Nicholls



Tough talk

Of all the topics that we might talk about in the church, our relationship with money is the one that will raise the most comment

What it means to be whole

Some years ago, a group in the diocese of Toronto sought to develop a healing centre similar to that of Burrswood in England. I was

Putting down roots through discernment and discipleship

As complexity increases, the desire for simple answers polarizes communities, making the other “side” an enemy. We live in the midst of the pressures to choose a side and ignore the nuances and complexity of human life in our decisions. Such pressures raise a question: What is our call as Christians?

Living—together—as the body of Christ

In a world that increasingly seeks to polarize people into rigid camps, marked by hatred or rejection of the other, we are called to be a community in which love is stronger than hate.

No hiding place

Over the past 50 years, we have been challenged to realize our share in the devastation of our planet.

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