Kevin Dixon



"Through the cross, Jesus showed us that death leads to life. What Jesus showed us is contradictory, but nonetheless true," writes the author. Photo: Lourdes Santiago

Paradox of the cross

A little boy saw somebody walking two dachshunds on a leash. He asked his mother, “Is that person walking two dogs shaped like wieners, or two wieners that look like dogs?” His mother, seeing the dachshunds in a new light, answered, “Well, dear, I guess it’s just a pair-o-dachs.”

International and national election observers, Saul Geller, of Vancouver, B.C., Carlos Duran Flores, of El Salvador, Noah Bullock, the executive director of San Salvador-based Foundation Cristosal, and David James of Grace Church in West Lorne, Ont., at a voting station in San Martin, El Salvador. Photo: Lynette Wilson/Episcopal News Service

Canadian Anglicans observe Salvadoran election

Twenty-four Canadian Anglicans, from the dioceses of Huron and New Westminster, served as election observers at the presidential election in the Republic of El Salvador on Feb. 2.

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