André Forget


  • André Forget was a staff writer for the Anglican Journal from 2014 to 2017.


Archdeacon Chris Wright says the Anglican Church of Australia has been exploring “local shared ministry,” in which parishioners share leadership responsibilities and are less reliant on a single full-time priest. Photo: André Forget

Shared ministry thrives in Australia

On a recent visit to the Anglican Church of Canada’s national office in Toronto, the archdeacon of the diocese of North Queensland, Chris Wright, sat down with the Anglican Journal to talk about the similarities between mission in the Canadian and Australian contexts.

“There is justification for the use of armed force on humanitarian grounds, to enable oppressed victims to find safe space,” the Archbishop of Canterbury said in a debate in the House of Lords. File photo: Lambeth Palace

Welby backs airstrikes against ISIS

Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby has thrown his support behind the military airstrikes against the Islamic State (known also as ISIL or ISIS), a radical organization of insurgents in Iraq and Syria attempting to create a “caliphate,” or Islamic government ruled by a single individual in accordance with Sharia law.

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