March 2022 Issue

Giving back to the gracious other: a Lenten prayer

Stained glass and seeing with the spirit’s eyes

We have a number of pieces of stained glass at the convent; some are actual windows and are located in the main chapel and St. Margaret’s chapel, and some are free-standing or hanging panels which can be found in the Lady Chapel, the lobby, the book room corridor and St. Margaret’s Chapel.


This is written as we are learning of the discovery of 93 potential burial sites associated with the St. Joseph’s Mission Residential School that operated at Williams Lake First Nation, B.C., from 1886 to 1981. Many of us feel a grief painfully amplified by the gradual but noticeable disappearance of residential school grave discoveries from public consideration and conversation.

‘Wisdom! Be attentive’

I’ve learned from the school of hard knocks that there are things you best learn on your knees. Wisdom is one of those things.

Transformation and affirmation run through March issue

The March issue of the Anglican Journal explores themes of change and transition while re-affirming commitment to Christian values.

Theological education sees ‘limited’ impact from full communion

Principals of two leading seminaries—one Anglican, the other Lutheran—say that full communion between the Anglican Church of Canada and Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada has had a relatively muted effect on theological education. Yet they also see opportunities for closer ties at a time when this field is experiencing major upheaval.

‘Worship on the land is the fundamental experience of Arctic Christians’

Worship on the land has always been part of life in the Arctic. It is, Bishop Joey Royal said, “baked into Arctic Christianity, because the people in this land up until the last century or so were nomadic and lived in family groups on the land.”

New gender blessings for trial use

The Anglican Church of Canada has prepared a set of gender-themed liturgies for trial use, including a blessing on gender transition, that the church’s director of Faith, Worship and Ministry says could be the first of their kind for a national church in the Anglican Communion if they are eventually authorized.

Primate issues statement on Ukraine invasion

Archbishop Linda Nicholls, Primate of the Anglican Church of Canada, asked Anglicans to pray for the people of Ukraine this …

Tom Corston (centre) pictured with Archbishops Anne Germond (left) and Mark MacDonald (right)

Remembering Tom Corston

Moosonee bishop founded influential school of ministry Retired Indigenous bishop Tom Corston died on Jan. 7 after a struggle against …

Ellie Johnson embodied Christian mission in partnership and reconciliation

Eleanor “Ellie” Johnson, the longtime director of partnerships for the Anglican Church of Canada who played a key role in the settlement agreement for residential school survivors, died on Jan. 7.

Pandemic challenges hospital chaplains

A pair of Anglican and Lutheran hospital chaplains open up on a “new world” of exhaustion—and life-giving work transcending conventional boundaries.

Volunteers sort supplies into household packages in the gym of Bearskin Lake’s Michikan Lake high school. Photo: Phyllis McKay

State of Emergency: PWRDF funds relief for Ontario and Manitoba Indigenous communities

The Primate’s World Relief and Development Fund (PWRDF) is distributing $80,000 to 14 Indigenous communities stricken by COVID-19’s Omicron variant …

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