June 2022 Issue

National Indigenous archbishop resigns after sexual misconduct allegations

‘Apologies are cheap … unless accompanied by action’: In Canada for 6 days, archbishop of Canterbury re-commits to reconciliation

Residential school survivors’ reactions ranged from reconciliatory, to cautiously skeptical to calling for more concrete action as Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby visited Ontario and Saskatchewan on a tour of apology.

ACW aims to kickstart fund for retired northern clergy with $100,000 gift

Inspired by the story of an Iqaluit cathedral dean left homeless after retirement, the Diocese of New Westminster’s Anglican Church Women (ACW) raise money for a fund to house retiring clergy in Indigenous and underserved northern communities.

‘God, for sure, held me very tightly in His arms’

Alla Gedz, a member of Christ Church, Kyiv, part of the Church of England’s Diocese in Europe tells her story of living through the Battle of Kyiv, from sheltering in her basement while artillery shook the neighbourhood to facing death threats at a checkpoint.

Budget surpluses over 2 years top $8M

The Anglican Church of Canada’s national office recorded two consecutive multi-million-dollar yearly surpluses in 2020 and 2021, for a combined …

‘Be of good cheer: It is I; Be not afraid.’

St. Bartholomew Church, in Pelican Narrows, Sask., is at the end of the road on a rock, almost surrounded by water. If you’re out on a boat coming back to the point where the church sits, the water seems deep and wide.

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Toward ‘an honest theology of human sexuality’

I can still remember my shock and dismay upon hearing that Jean Vanier, someone whose talks and writings influenced my thinking on Christian community, had been sexuality inappropriate and L’Arche, the organization he founded in 1964 for people with intellectual disabilities, was being transparent in acknowledging the damage this had caused and would continue to cause.

Indigenous Anglicans are building a church in our own image

The visit to Canada by the Archbishop of Canterbury and meetings with Indigenous groups in Saskatchewan were significant and vital steps on our path to healing. We thank him for his apology and for accompanying us briefly on our journey. But we do hope that he also recognized that Indigenous Anglicans have embarked on our own journey of self-healing.

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Through brokenness to the kingdom of God

As a young Christian I was captivated by Jesus’ vision for our human community rooted in love and lived with mercy, compassion, justice and human dignity. Jesus called as his disciples a diverse bunch of people, yet he drew them into a community of apostles who would change the world after the resurrection.

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Off on the wrong track?

In a footnote to their open letter posted this February, #ACCtoo organizers Michael Buttrey and Carolyn Mackie blame the Anglican Journal governance policy General Synod adopted in 2019 for enabling the alleged breach of confidentiality and privacy for which the letter calls the church to account.

Exclusion of same-sex spouses at Lambeth Conference ‘unfortunate,’ primate says

Bishops and archbishops from across the worldwide Anglican Communion are gearing up for the 15th Lambeth Conference, which after repeated delays is finally set to take place July 26 to Aug. 8.

Worship practices shared in full communion

The National Worship Conference, taking place every two years, provides a forum for Anglicans and Lutherans to learn more about how each other approaches worship.

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