December 2022 Issue

‘Never seen anything this bad’

Recovering the blessing of a Métis heritage

When I was first asked to contribute something for the Anglican Journal, I was surprised, especially when it was explained to me that I was being asked to write from an Indigenous perspective.

Diocese says it supports sex-abuse trial of ex-priest

The diocese of Huron says it supports a criminal trial examining new allegations against a former Anglican priest convicted of sexual abuse as both the diocese and ex-priest face a $4.1 million lawsuit.

Saying yes to God’s call—one seed at a time

In 1979, 16-year-old Jadav Payeng dreamt of reforesting an island in the Brahmaputra River near his home in India. More than 40 years later, 550 hectares of forest now is home for wildlife and lost biodiversity has been restored. He did that by planting one tree every day since 1979.

Should Queen Elizabeth II be sainted?

In a surprisingly sympathetic portrait of Queen Elizabeth first published in The New Yorker May 20, 2002, the notoriously acerbic British novelist Martin Amis observed that “monarchical emotion is emotion hugely magnified. It asks for a detachment that Queen Elizabeth only imperfectly commands.”

Sask. bishop looks to step down in spring

Bishop Michael Hawkins, of the diocese of Saskatchewan, says he expects to resign from his position effective April 30, 2023 due to health problems he has been experiencing since a severe bout of COVID-19 in late 2020.

Provinces absent from Lambeth have left Communion: primate

The Anglican churches in Nigeria, Uganda and Rwanda have effectively separated from the Anglican Communion by refusing to participate in the Lambeth Conference, says Archbishop Linda Nicholls, primate of the Anglican Church of Canada.

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