Archdeacon Pollesel on road to recovery

Published March 1, 2010

Archdeacon Michael Pollesel, general secretary of the Anglican Church of Canada, continues to recover from severe injuries sustained in a Dec. 27 car accident. His wife, Gail Virginia (Gini) Pollesel, was killed in the accident, and his mother, Maria, was seriously injured.

Gini Pollesel, who worked as a human resources manager for federal government agencies since 1993, is survived by five adult children and stepchildren.

At a consecration service on Feb. 7, the Anglican Church of Canada presented vestments and a pectoral cross, in memory of Gini Pollesel, to Griselda Delgado del Carpio, the new bishop of the Episcopal Church of Cuba.  The Pollesels had visited the church in Cuba many times.


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