And the survey says…

Published October 1, 2006

The average Anglican Journal reader likes gardening and volunteering, plans to travel outside the country (or at least the province) in the next year and reads a lot of books.

Other survey findings:

  • 48.7% of readers list volunteering as an activity they enjoy doing in their spare time;
  • 45.7% like to travel; 56.4% like to garden;
  • 31.5% attend the theatre;
  • 60% of women readers (and 53.3% of men readers) say they read the Journal because it “provides me with a link to the rest of the Anglican Communion worldwide;”
  • 42.1% of men read six to 20 books each year, while 11.4% of the women surveyed read 50 to 100 books each year;
  • 34% of readers under 50 would like to see more book, film and music reviews;
  • 80.6% of readers think the length of Journal articles is “just right.”


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