The resurrection is not all in your head

Every Easter, without fail, media outlets trot out someone—usually a scholar or a minister—who offers the secular world a more “believable” understanding of the resurrection

Every day is Earth Day in God’s world

It’s Earth Day. In the middle of such a large generational phenomenon that is COVID-19, let’s not forget how this is affecting people all around

Lessons in liturgy from The Two Popes

There was no way that I was going to miss The Two Popes, the 2019 biographical drama film about Pope Benedict XVI and Pope Francis, because I am a sucker for all things papal.

Follow the money

“Follow the money” became, during the Watergate scandal of the 1970s, a catchphrase to describe a technique of investigative journalism. To find out what really

Letters to the editor, April 2020

I was intrigued by Margaret Rouhani’s reaction (“Letters: Talking about Israel and Palestine in a post-truth era,” Feb. 2020, p. 4) to the excellent cover article in the December edition of the Anglican Journal (“You weep before you get to Bethlehem,” Dec. 2019, p. 1).

Letters to the Editor, March 2020

Let him who is without penalty…

Regarding the letters “Cherry-picking God’s Advice” and “As a role model, Cherry is the pits” (January 2020 issue, p.5), I am neither a fan of pro hockey nor of Don Cherry, but it struck me that it would have been a more Christian response not to kick someone when they’re down.

Sin, Grief, and Jean Vanier

The news about L’Arche International founder Jean Vanier hit last week: He “initiated sexual relations” with at least six (non-disabled) women, “usually in the context

More visitors seek cathedrals, historic churches

In a time when attention has begun to focus increasingly on declining church attendance, some places of Anglican worship in both England and Canada—including English cathedrals—are seeing an increase in visitors.

Letters to the editor, February 2020

In “You weep before you get to Bethlehem” (Dec. 2019, p.1), the article references the “West Bank” as “occupied land,” the inference being the Israelis have no right to be there when in fact that territory had been designated for a Jewish state under the League of Nations Mandate—and Jews had lived there for millennia.

February issue takes a look at the arts

February 2020’s Anglican Journal, which includes a focus on art and the church, is now available online. Inside, you’ll find a report on an exhibition

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