Advertising Policy

Advertisers with a product or service to sell, or an opinion to express, may purchase space to carry their messages in Anglican Journal. 

We accept no advertising for tobacco, small loans or lotteries. All advertising in Anglican Journal must meet the standards of good taste.

Anglican Journal abides by the Canadian Code of Advertising Standards, to which all major advertisers associations, large corporations, business and retail companies subscribe as the standard for advertising. That means that each advertisement is examined from a number of different viewpoints, including good taste, moral tone, honesty and suitability to try to eliminate false or misleading advertising and to maintain public decency.

The Anglican Journal editor or his/her designate will determine the suitability of any advertisement in the Anglican Journal.

Anglican Journal Board of Directors
(revised March 2006)

Advertising Contact for Anglican Journal:

Mr. Larry Gee
National Advertising Manager
499 Balmy Beach Rd.
Owen Sound, ON  N4K 5N4
[email protected]
Phone: 266-664-0350
Fax: 416-925-8811